The phrase any publicity is good publicity is an understatement. Read up on these five companies that made huge PR mistakes.

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    Lululemon are a bunch of Lu..Lu..Losers

    The not always popular company Lululemon who sells athletic wear and yoga pants are in hot water again, this time for banning customers from it’s online store for reselling their products online. There have been several customers that have told different news sources that they were contacted by phone by the Lululemon team after trying to sell their over priced yoga pants and other items on eBay. How could the company block people from their online store? The answer is simple; they blacklisted their IP addresses.The company was evidently concerned about counterfeit clothing and customers selling their items at a markup. As of Sunday evening Lululemon has since apologized for their behavior admitting that they did go to far

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    Color Me Bad

    The Color Run is suppose to be the Happiest 5k on earth but don’t let all those fun colors fool you. The company was suing 21-year-old amateur photographer and college student Maxwell Jackson, because he claims they sued his photo illegally. Jackson went to the happiest 5k on earth with some of his friends in Miami. He snapped a few pictures of his friends participating in the run, when Scott Winn, the official photo director asked him if they could use his photos on their Facebook page. Being a new photographer Jackson agreed. Fast forward to July 2013 Jackson walks into a Sports Authority in Pennsylvania and he is handed a Color Run pamphlet with HIS photos on it. The Color Run had used his photos without his consent even using his photos on their website as well as the  Recently Jackson has said that five months after shooting the race he was contacted by someone at The Color Run asked him if he would like to work with the company, he then made The Color Run his employer on Facebook. Therefore, The Color Run says they technically own his photos because he worked with them briefly and their logo was in the shot.  Since all the legal troubles have started they have Jackson and The Color Run have come to undisclosed agreement.

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    Cracker Barrel cracks down on Duck Dynasty

    Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty came out and made some pretty nasty ignorant comments about homosexuals. He offended many people including the head honchos at the Cracker Barrel. Since Robertson’s statements ruffled so many feathers Cracker Barrel pulled all of their Duck Dynasty merchandise from their shelves. Guess they didn’t really research their demographic before making such a bold move.  Their southern clientele threatened to boycott the chain in several states.  Since the intent of Cracker Barrel was never to offend anyone they vowed to stock their shelves once again with Duck Dynasty merchandise.

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    American Apparel exploits Hurricane Sandy

    American Apparel is a brand hipsters can get behind even if that means they exploited Hurricane Sandy to have a sale on all their merchandise. Hurricane Sandy was not so long ago and well all remember it vividly. Sandy killed over 100 people and left 8 million without power. The retailer decided to offer 20 percent off when shopping online and all you had to do was enter “sandysale” as the coupon code.  American Apparel being the great company they are, decided to ignore the negative press. They never apologized for their wrongdoing.

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    Hashtag McDStories

    During 2012 McDonald’s decided to go ahead with a different PR campaign where they encouraged people on Twitter to tweet their own special McDonald’s  stories under the hashtag McDStories. The chain PR campaign went horrible wrong when people started using the hashtag to tell their own McDonald’s horror stories.  Their stories included, “ Fingernail in my Big Mac” and “ Hospitalized for food poisoning after eating McDonalds in 1989. Never ate there again and became vegetarian. Should have sued.”  The chain that has served over 1 billion people pulled the campaign less than two hours after the hashtag took off.

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