When I saw that Rebel Wilson would be starring alongside Liam Hemsworth I expected an underdog-wins-the-trophy-boy kind of movie and I live for a feel-good romantic comedy. I ended up getting less than what I was expecting and left disappointed. A few reasons that I wouldn’t recommend Isn’t It Romantic include:

1. The script is fantasy to the point that I ended up checking out entirely. Rebel Wilson’s character hits her head and ends up in a dreamland where she has to discover her self-worth.
2. Liam Hemsworth portrays a man that “every woman wants” or so it seems but Rebel’s lack of interest made the plot harder to digest.
3. The weird, choppy editing feels like the Truman Show and Deja Vu or when you stand up too fast and feel dizzy.
4. My expectations of Rebel Wilson were way too high. She was the ultimate star of the Pitch Perfect franchise but I didn’t get any laugh-out-loud moments or that feel good vibe that I was hoping for.
There is a wedding scene in the film that that features Priyanka Chopra that got me excited for The El Paso Bridal Showcase. So many cool trends to explore, cakes to taste and fashion shows to see. Check out details on the El Paso Bridal Showcase here.

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