I love Mexican food and my favorite dish hands down is *drumroll* TACOS. Three area taco shops have made it on the Top 50 Best Tacos in America according to thedailymeal.com . Check out the list.

Two restaurants in Santa Fe, NM made it on the list.

#29 El Parasol in Santa Fe made it on the list for the famous "Shredded Beef Taco". The tacos are described as, "The shell is deep-fried and crackling, and the standout, the shredded beef, is boiled until it’s falling apart and then mixed with a sauce that’s a long-kept secret. Topped with either guacamole or salsa, it’s a crunchy, beefy, Tex-Mex classic. "

#9 Chico's Tacos in El Paso, TX. My favorite is getting a double with a side of fries. I kid you not the description made my mouth water, "three rolled "tacos" containing ground beef covered in finely shredded cheese, all soaked in translucent red "salsa" in a white cardboard boat, and topped with jalapeño salsa."

#3 The Shed in Santa Fe, NM they are known for "Chicken with Green Chile Taco" the description is awesome. "two fresh blue corn tortillas with baked chicken topped with green chile, cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, and tomato. The chicken is perfectly cooked, but the chile is the real star of the show (as is the stellar posole that comes with it)."