Another Village Inn closes as the franchise slowly gets phased out in El Paso and replaced with Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies.


A couple of weeks ago, we found out that the Village Inn's in El Paso were closing, prompting us to do some online digging.

It turns out that Verlander Enterprises LLC owns both Village Inn and Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies restaurants. And upon further discovery, the company has registered the same physical address of all Village Inn El Paso locations with Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies with the Texas Comptroller.

The newest Village Inn location to be phased out in El Paso is the Crossroads location at 7801 N. Mesa St., El Paso, TX 79932.

Over the weekend, I happened to pass by the iconic restaurant only to find the seating out on the parking lot as workers were loading it onto a truck, making way for the new furniture and decor of Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies.

For as long as I can remember, Village Inn has been synonymous with our region. It has always been my go-to restaurant after late-night events and was even the place my friends and I hit up after graduation.

If you're wondering how Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies measures up to Village Inn? Well, for one, both restaurants serve up breakfast, lunch, and dinner with stellar pies, but a couple of details sets the two apart, as Butter Smith Kitchen & Pies offers alcohol along with widescreen TVs for patrons viewing pleasure.

Knowing that all of the Village Inn's will eventually be gone makes me lowkey sad, so I'll hit them up a few more times for some pancakes and coffee along with some green chili-cheese fries before they are all forever gone.

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