New Mexico and recreational Cannabis have now become synonymous, and now there is something NEW to look forward to in the Land of (Green) Enchantment.

This doesn't seem like something that would be allowed, right?

Well, thanks to the City of Las Cruces deciding not to restrict the hours a dispensary can operate it's completely legal.

High Horse Cannabis Company is now the first dispensary in the state of New Mexico to offer cannabis sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The store has two locations, one in Las Cruces and one in Chaparral - so be sure you're heading to the right one if you're going for a late night run.

It's located at 580 South Valley Drive in Las Cruces.

"As someone who managed New Mexico medical dispensaries for a long time, I've seen the need first hand," High Horse Cannabis Company Owner Ruben Aguilar said in a news release. "Cannabis is an important medicine for a lot of people and they don't always get to choose when they need it."

Aguilar also said his company's mission includes destigmatizing cannabis and cannabis users.

"Cannabis companies can and should play an active role in promoting the positive and healthy lifestyle of responsible consumers, and educating the community with regards to the benefits of cannabis and how to legally obtain it."

Remember to check out this list of dispensaries across Southern New Mexico - plus a bonus location in Arizona.

Also remember, recreational and medical marijuana is ILLEGAL in Texas.

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