If you've listened to the KISS Morning Show for any length of time, you know that I'm a political junkie.  I dig City Council and County Commissioners meetings.  I watch them on tv when I can't go in person.  And I love the political blogs.  There are a couple that I follow pretty closely, Refuse the Juice and The Lion Star Blog.  They're on opposite ends of the political spectrum, and some of the stuff that gets written is HIGHlarious!

The thing about the blogs is not only are they full of opinions about politics, they can also go pretty in-depth the way local tv and newspaper news can't because of time and space constraints.  Case in point - the Ann Morgan Lilly/Lyda Ness Garcia knock-down, drag-out election.  Be warned, the link is to a very long story, but it is a good background to this post about Lyda Ness Garcia's accusations that Ann Morgan Lilly was illegally campaigning at City Hall.

If you're a seriously nerdy political junkie like me, the ruling against Lyda Ness Garcia is a real page turner, or in this case, a real mouse scroller downer.  If you're a voter in their district, it's an important read because it obliterates Lyda Ness Garcia's accusations against Lilly.  And no, I don't live in Lilly's district so it doesn't matter to me who wins. 

People who run for office need to make sure they have their ducks in a row, especially if they are going to hurl accusations against someone with a state agency.  And they need to be prepared to have their argument completely dismantled and dismissed in a painfully public way.

Politics is a rough business.  That's why I like it here in the blogosphere where I can be snarky and judgemental!  One more thing, the blogs I linked to can get EXTREMELY personal and very foul-mouthed, so be warned if you are easily offended!