Women's Health magazine asked women about the secrets they carry. Here are the results: When the average woman first develops the ability to keep a secret: Kindergarten

• First thing she was tight-lipped about: A crush

• Top three things she's hiding now: 1) how many partners she's had; 2) her weight; 3) the amount of cash she spends on shopping sprees

• Person the average woman is likely to entrust with hush-hush information: Her spouse/significant other

• People the average woman is most likely to keep things from: Her parents

• Percentage of women who say they have nothing to hide: 54 percent

• Percentage of women who think their guy has a skeleton buried in his closet: 30 percent

• Of those, percentage who want to know what it is: 58 percent

• Number of women who would snoop through their partner's things: 1 in 2

• Percentage who say they'd keep an embarrassing health problem from their partner: 80 percent

• Percentage who say staying quiet about something has caused them physical discomfort like nausea or a headache: 46 percent

• Percentage who have a secret they'll take to the grave: 61 percent

• Percentage of women who would rather come clean to strangers on the internet than to people they know: 66 percent

OK, WE’RE AXING: Have you ever gone snooping and learned something you didn't want to know? What was it and how did learning about it play out? Are you keeping a secret right now? Feel like getting it off your chest?