This is such a tragic unbelievable story it is hard to comprehend. A family in Ohio is mourning over the loss of a 2 month old baby and confused by the actions of the 11 year old girl.

You think you trust the people that watch your kids, but this is a horrific situation you would only hope to be fiction. Zuri, the 2 month old baby girl involved was being babysat by a family friend Friday February 6. While the babysitter fell asleep for a nap, her 11 year old girl took the baby upstairs and beat the 2 month old baby to death.

About 45 minutes passed then the 11 year old girl brought the baby back downstairs and woke up her mom. The baby was rushed to a nearby hospital where it was already too late.

The child is being charged with murder as a juvenile. Her next court date has not yet been set. She could be held to trial for as long as 10 years until she is 21.