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A Florida woman got revenge on her daughter's rapist and murderer in the ultimate way.

Back in 2009 Diena Thompson's 7-year-old daughter was abducted by Jarred Harrell and taken to his home where he raped and murdered the child then dumped her body in the trash.

The young girl's body was found in a landfill two days later, and 6 years later, Diena finally got revenge on the monster who did this to her daughter. Since then, Jarred Harrell has been sentenced to life in prison.

The house that the rape and killing took place in was foreclosed upon and given to Thompson who then gave it to the fire department for fire exercises. The fire department invited Diena to set the house on fire. As she threw a flare into the house and it blew up into flames you could hear Diena yelling, "burn baby burn!"