Ever wonder how a schlub got married to a model-esque woman? Your first thought might be “she's with him for his money.” But a man doesn't have to strike it rich to strikeout with the ladies. Here are some things — besides good looks and fat wallet — women find attractive.

  • Sense of Humor

    Remember that time you heard a woman say “He's funny so I decided not to give him a chance?” You don't? That's probably because it has never been said. A 2009 British study found that women think that funny men are smarter and more likely to be honest than unfunny guys. Making a woman laugh doesn't just make her more inclined to give you a chance, but the study also found women think funny men make for better long-term boyfriends and sexual partners.

  • Style

    One of the first things women notice about men is their personal style. Though some women are attracted to men who dress like broke pimps from the 70s, a majority like a man who is up-to-date in the fashion world. It is suggested to dress for the job you want – the same applies for women. If you want the kind of woman who wears makeup, 6-inch stilettos and sexy dresses invest in a nice suit, dress shoes and a shaving kit.

  • Clean the Wax Out of Your Ears

    Women love a man that can listen. It might be painful to listen to the minutia of her life like the feeding schedule of her cat, but when a woman says something meaningful or personal she doesn't want to hear an “I hear you” grunt. Women also crave eye contact, so when she's talking keep your eyes on her face.

  • Be a Renaissance Man

    A renaissance man is self-assured, focused, disciplined, and responsible all while being fun. Women like men who are able to showcase their smarts. Men who read regularly, are knowledgeable about sports, current events, food, culture, wine and even karaoke are attractive. Things women find unattractive – anything showcasing a bodily function, anything science fiction related, namedropping or stamp collecting.

  • A Healthy Relationship with Your Mother

    Women look at the way men treat their mothers as an indication of how they will treat their wives. A man who respects his mother will earn major points with the ladies. Be kind to your mom, BUT not too close. A mama's boy is a serious deal breaker.

  • A Good Reputation

    Websites like Don'tDateHimGirl.com, don't exist just because. Women talk to family members, friends, friends of friend, and sometimes even random strangers about men that have done them wrong. Women want men who they can trust. A man in good standing – meaning you shouldn't have a reputation as a dog or the guy who sleeps around. A woman wants to know she is with a man she can take seriously and takes her seriously as well.

  • Confidence

    It shouldn't have to be said but confidence is sexy. A 2009 study from AXE body spray found that women were more attracted to men who looked confident. Researchers found 35 men in their 20s and sprayed half with AXE body spray and left the others with no fragrance. They then took photos of the men and presented them to women. The researchers found the women were attracted to men who appeared confident in the photos. The men who were more likely to appear confident were those who smelled good.