Jimmy Kimmel, during his opening monologue, brought up the idea of Tinder, specifically the very amusing profiles. So he thought it would be a good idea to have Grammy Award Winner Jamie Foxx sing Tinder profiles on the show for the enjoyment of everybody. He was right, it was a great idea.

Foxx, with all his wonderful vocals, sings the tinder profiles as earnestly and passionately as if he were singing one of his own songs. But the greatest part is that he doesn't just sing them in one particular style, he goes out of his way to differentiate every single Tinder profile song from the other. They're all hilarious but without a doubt one of the best has to be Patrick's profile- sung in both a deep opera-like style and country.

Take note Hollywood, now please go and make this a half hour program in which Jamie Foxx just passionately and lovingly sings hilarious Tinder profiles. This is the singing program humanity never asked for but now desperately needs.