Happy Fourth of July! Are you a Freedom-loving American hoping to celebrate the 4th by lighting off a few firecrackers knowing the long arm of the law wants to shut you down? If you're planning to risk the possible fines and jail time that comes with getting caught, then at least be safe about it.

• July 4th is the most dangerous American holiday.
• Nearly 15,000 people are injured by fireworks each year-more than half the victims are children and up to 40 percent are bystanders.
• Guys are more likely to get hurt from fireworks than women.
• Bottle rockets are among the most dangerous fireworks available and account for the majority of all fireworks injuries-most often injuring the eyes. They can move as fast as 200 mph, explode in mid air and fly in any direction.
• Sparklers are the second highest cause of fireworks injuries. Most of these injuries occur among preschool-age children. Sparklers accounted for about one third of the injuries to children under five. Sparklers are dangerous because they burn at a temperature hot enough to melt gold (1,800 degrees F).

And now I'll drive the point home with this video of fireworks exploding in super slow-motion, and taking out an egg, some jello, a jar of mayo, and a bag of flour. (Just think what they can do to you!) ...

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