If you go to dictionary.com and look up 'catcall', you see that the definition has nothing to do with women. It is defined as 'a shrill, whistlelike sound or loud raucous shout made to express disapproval at a theater, meeting, etc.' A video of a woman who spent ten hours walking the streets of New York to show what it's like to get catcalled, has gone viral. Predictably, women think it shows how tough it is to just walk around as a woman, while men say she was just getting complimented.

The woman's name is Shoshanna Roberts, and she took to the streets of New York for ten hours in what most of us wear at least a couple of times a week - a shirt and jeans. In the ten hours that she walked, there were over 100 catcalls caught on video, and a lot of them weren't just 'hey you look nice'. There was one man who walked beside her for over five minutes, in silence, but right next to her. Who does that? Why would a stranger think that invading someone's day and personal space like that is ok?

There has been a lot of backlash against Shoshanna. In the few days the video has been out, she has gotten a number of rape threats. The group who put together the video is asking people to send screenshots of threats made online. It's pretty disturbing that the behavior in the video happens, and equally disturbing that threats are the way some people react when they see the video.

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