Earlier this summer, kids and employees at Frank Macias Elementary were exposed to a person with active TB. There were two rounds of testing, and now there is word from the El Paso Department of Public Health that one of the people tested at Frank Macias Elementary has developed active TB.

Health Department officials say because the person was part of the initial round of testing, there is no need to expand testing further. The second round of testing happened because it was determined that there might have been cross-exposure with a wider group than initially believed. None of the second group of people tested has developed active TB as of yet.

There are still people who need to be tested in both groups at Frank Macias. Those who tested positive for TB will not necessarily develop active TB. They will, however, be monitored and further testing will be done on them.

Officials say it is unlikely that children will spread TB. Only adults with active disease pose a threat to others.

If you have any questions about TB or an exposure risk, you can call the City at 2-1-1, or log onto their website at elpasotexas.gov.