City officials are releasing more information about testing for tuberculosis in two separate exposure cases.

Here's what you need to know about the first round of testing at Frank Macias Elementary School in the Clint Independent School District:

1. 38 positive TB tests were reported out of 166 students and employees in the first group that was tested.
2. A second group of 15 students and 76 employees was tested. 13 positives were reported.
3. Anyone who tested positive will undergo further testing and chest X-rays. Those tests will help determine if they have an active or latent form of TB.
4. If an adult in either group is found to have an active form of TB, children who were exposed to that adult will also be tested.

In the second exposure case at the Dismas Charities Inc. in Central El Paso:

1. 175 people were tested and 20 tested positive.
2. The Health Department is working to determine if any of those had tested positive for TB in the past.
3. If any of the positive test results show active TB, those affected will be tested further.

Health Department officials say it is unlikely that kids with active TB will spread the disease. Adults, however, do pose a threat of spreading the disease, and that is why it is important to determine if any of the adults have active TB.