The Lincoln Center in South Central El Paso was damaged during Storm 2006, and the building which has been around for almost 100 years, was in danger of being torn down to make way for a connection between I-10 and Loop 375.

Yesterday, there was some good news about the fight to preserve the Lincoln Center from TxDOT. They revealed plans that could save the Lincoln Center and still build the I-10 and Loop 375 connection. TxDOT officials say they are 'trying to keep it (Lincoln Center) in the footprint of what the Spaghetti bowl has right now.' TxDOT has four alternative proposals that they want to present to the community that is trying to save the Lincoln Center.

Even with that good news, there are still issues with the project. If the State needs to purchase additional properties for the I-10/Loop 375 connection, they might have to use eminent domain, something residents in the area don't want to see happen.

TxDOT says at this time, no homes are in danger right now, but nothing is final yet. Meetings between the group trying to preserve the Lincoln Center and TxDOT will continue.