And I thought the Justin Beiber story was unreal…

Two guys in London have been apprehended for conspiring to rob and murder the 25-year-old singer.

These crazy dudes were found in a car near the singer’s home back in 2011 with a cache of weapons, including a knife, metal spike, hammer, tape, ski masks, and a samurai sword. Seriously?

These guys aren’t that smart either because police found notes that suggest the two, who lived together in Manchester, had planned to decapitate Stone – whom they called a "she-devil" – and throw her body in a river.

While no clear motive has been asserted, the prosecution suggests that their motive could have been financial but here’s the thing, another note hinted that they had a grudge against the singer because she had been invited to Prince William’ wedding and had sung for the royal family.

Bitter much?

The trial continues; let’s hope they take these two crazies off the street soon!

Check out Joss Stone rock out with Melissa Etheridge to Janis Joplin at the 2005 Grammy Awards.