The El Paso Police Department is investigating two separate cases of toddlers being left in hot cars. One child is in the hospital. Tragically, the other child is dead. You wouldn't forget your phone in your car. You wouldn't forget your purse in your car. What the hell is going on that kids are being left in vehicles?

The first case happened last Wednesday when a two year old boy was left in a car reportedly under his grandparents care. He was rushed to El Paso Children's Hospital in critical condition. His family released a statement that said he sustained some internal organ and brain damage. It isn't known if any charges will be filed against the grandparents in that case.

Over the weekend, another toddler, a two year old girl, was left overnight in a car. She was found around 12:30 Sunday afternoon. It has been reported that emergency scanners suggested that the parents had been looking for her since 3 a.m. Sunday morning. It's not clear if police were called at that time, or if, when emergency crews were called to the home at 12:45, that the family reported that they had been looking for the little girl.

It's not known how long the little girl had been inside the vehicle. She was rushed to Sierra Providence East where she was pronounced dead.

I can't imagine the grief these parents must be going through, and it's hard to say what steps might be taken to remember that your child is in the back seat of your vehicle. Experts have suggested putting your briefcase or purse in the back seat, and I even read somewhere that you should hang a miniature picture of your child on your dashboard face up when they are in the car, and then turn it around when you have dropped the at daycare.

Whatever it takes, do it. You should watch this video. You're going to need tissues.