El Paso police have arrested a 50 year old man for allegedly molesting a young boy in the restroom of an East side pizza restaurant, and they are worried that there may be more victims out there.

courtesy el paso times and el paso police

Officers say Jose Magallanes used to frequent Cici’s Pizza at Viscount and Hawkins, and on the afternoon of June 30th, he allegedly approached a 7 year old boy in the restroom, fondled him and performed oral sex on him.

After an investigation into the incident, police arrested Magallanes on July 19th.  He is in the El Paso County Jail under a 25 thousand dollar bond.

Police say that their investigation also leads them to believe that there may be additional victims.  If you have any information about Magallanes, or know someone who may have been a victim of his, you are asked to call police at 832-4400.

This incident happened in the afternoon, in a well trafficked restaurant.  I take my family to that Cici's.  It's definitely a wake up call - you think kids are safe because it's a family restaurant during the day, but someone should always go with a small child to the restroom.

I'm guilty of giving in to the whole 'Aw, I can go all by myself' thing, but you can bet I won't be letting my young family members go to a public restroom alone anymore.  Better safe than sorry.  There are just too many weirdos out there.