If you're new to city, you're probably wondering why rain is such a big deal here.  If there is rain of any kind in the forecast, every news station will send out all their reporters in rain gear, flash super sexy graphics telling you where to find sandbags so your house doesn't turn into an indoor swimming pool, and scare the heck out of you with StormWatchTracking Alerts.  What is it about the wet stuff falling from the sky that freaks us out?

Well, we live in the desert, so rain throws us for a loop, especially on the road.

We want you to be ready the next time those little drops of havoc fall on our fair city, so we put together a list of why we're so bad at driving in the rain.

1. We like to yell, “WHEEEEEEEEE!” like the pig in the commercial as we go barreling through puddles in the street.

2. We think ‘hydroplaning’ sounds like a lot of fun!

3. We forget to keep our eyes on the road because we’re too busy looking at all the pretty, pretty clouds in the sky!

4. We think that if we drive super fast, we’ll go between the raindrops so our ride won’t get dirty.

5. We have to get where we’re going NOW because our back window won’t roll up!