So many movies, so little time…see which movie character laughs made my top 5 list.

I was watching the movie, The Money Pit the other day, the one where Tom Hanks loses it at one point and let’s out a painful but hilarious laugh and it got me thinking about what other movies have an undeniably funny character laugh that is unique and memorable to movie lovers like me.

While there are tons of great laughs in movies, I went ahead and tailored my list to my top 5 favorite of all time.

I based my list on a simple formula: Does it make me laugh right along with them? If the answer is yes, then it’s in.

What other movies can you think of with a great character laugh in it?

#5 Ray Liotta in Goodfellas

#4 Eddie Murphy In Beverly Hills Cop


#3 George McFly in Back To The Future


#2 Jack Nicholson in Anger Management

#1 Tom Hanks in The Money Pit