That is Debora Adorno's 'toothy face' that she developed to handle all the harassment she faced on the streets of her Brazilian hometown. This is her real face. We've all had to deal with unwanted stares and attention from men when we're out and about. Sometimes, the attention even veers into outright harassment. Debora got tired of all the problems she faced while she was going about her day and decided to do something about it.

Friday, Debora complained on Facebook about the day-to-day hassle she put up with, and said that she felt powerless and trapped when she was walking down a crowded street because of all the things said to her and the "perverted stares from those guys”.

She was afraid that she might be assaulted if she said something back, so she came up with a better way to stop the harassment. She smiled at one particularly nasty guy with a 'toothy face'. Debora said it worked instantly, and she has never been bothered by a guy when she has used it!

It has become a thing for Brazilians on Twitter under #caretadodentinho. Good for Debora for coming up with a way to fight back against harassment with a smile!