What's one of the more beautiful signs it's Springtime in El Paso? When the Mexican poppies explode out of hibernation to blanket  the Franklins like a golden carpet. And there's no better time and place to see the spectacular sight than this weekend at the annual Franklin Mountains Poppies Fest on Castner Range!

This FREE event happens Saturday, March 31, at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology on Transmountain Road.

It'll be a full day of nature walks, nature talks, wildlife displays, educational exhibits, demonstrations, music and of course the beauty of the poppies.

There's some construction going on around the area, so plan on parking at the El Paso Community College Northeast campus. Free ADA accessible shuttle service will be provided from 9am-4:30pm.

Put on some walking shorts, grab a cap, lather on the sunscreen, and don't forget your camera!

--Schedule of Events [PDF file]

-- How to Get There