Every parent knows about back to school clothes and back-to-school supplies, but nowadays, back-to-school apps are just as important.

The best news is there are just as many apps to organize your life and help you track your little scholar as there are to help them learn and you can load them up before you walk out the door. Her are the 10 best apps to help you and your child get back to school.

Cozi Family Organizer

Soccer practice, late night meetings, grocery shopping, sleepovers and managing a family’s schedule can feel a lot like herding cats. With the Cozi Family Organizer app, the whole family shares one account so parents and kids alike can check their schedules and manage time effectively to make sure everyone’s heading in the same direction.

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School & Stuff, Grades and Timetables

Instead of being surprised with a sudden C, parents can track their children’s scores throughout the year, giving them a clear idea of how their children are doing and what subjects need a little extra TLC. This app can also be synched with teachers as well, which will make sure everyone is on the same A+ page.

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World Atlas HD

Get the whole world in your hands with this app from National Geographic. Not only does it have a 3D globe feature, it also provides you with country flags and facts. Your aspiring Magellan will be able to explore new territories and you won’t have to worry about your gas bill.

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This app allows students to set reminders of what’s due, prioritize projects and keep track of classes. It’s so comprehensive and simple, it works as well for elementary schoolers as it does for college students.

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LatchKey Kid

Even the best kid, yes, even your kid, will have the occasional slip up. Hopefully it won’t be that time you’re waiting for him to text you that he arrived home, but you never know. Instead of panicking and calling every police department in a three-mile radius, download LatchKey Kid. This app alerts you when the primary user arrives home or to whichever other pre-designated location you’ve programmed.

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Coach’s Wire

Back to school means back -to-school sports. Lead the team to victory the modern way, with your phone. Coach’s Wire allows you to input each of the team players, keep track of games and send quick one-stop emails and text letting everyone know about the change of the practice location. Go team!

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Index cards can help a kid with repetition and memorization to do well on tests, but unfortunately it can also help with piles of cards in book bags and a messy room. Banish those study aids to your phone and keep learning tidy. This app also taps into quizlet.com so if your student is studying a common subject, he might not even need to make his own flashcards but can access these free ones.

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