As the Mexican Food Capital of the World, I felt obligated to try out the new "Waffle Taco" from Taco Bell. The breakfast item launched nationally yesterday so I went to my neighborhood TB to try it out.The Waffle Taco is a scramble egg "taco" with either bacon or sausage wrapped in a waffle and topped with cheese. Sounds delicious right?

Well, the taco was average at best. The waffle didn't taste like anything to me. The scramble eggs tasted like they came from a box. I could taste the sausage though. I was really looking forward to tasting the waffle egg mix. Ultimately, I was a little disappointed. Don;t feel bad Taco Bell. In El Paso, you are competing with some serious breakfast tacos (usually made from scratch with fresh eggs and salsa).

Have you tried the new Waffle Taco at Taco Bell? Leave your comments below!

Angel Gonzales