For most people, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of American freedom, but in Texas, parading around dressed like Lady Liberty could get you Tased by local law enforcement.

Police say that is what happened, earlier this week, after officers spotted a man dancing along a busy highway dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume. According to a police report, officers advised Channing Gould to relocate his spirited masquerade several times, but he flat-out refused to leave, saying "this is not your jurisdiction, get away from me," according to the report.

That’s when police decided it was time for him to go to jail. However, Gould was not about to go quietly; refusing to get into the squad car and yelling obscenities - forcing one of the officers to zap him in the back with a Taser. Yet, Gould did not immediately submit so, the officer fired a second shock; this time the probes penetrated his forehead and put him down like a bad dog.

Gould was taken to a local hospital to have the Taser probes removed and then to jail where he was charged with resisting arrest. Rumor has it that Texas Troopers are now calling the Lone Star State the Land of the Free and the Home of the Tased!