Regardless if you intend to make a mad dash for the Mexican border to spend your spring break sucking down wild variations of tequila while going broke at the cocks fight, or just simply hang out at the local tavern getting hammered with a few friends – your designated driver better have had less than 15 beers and a martini.

That’s because starting Friday, Texas troopers will be out in full force as part of a vicious crack down on drunken driving. Beginning March 17, the Department of Public Safety says that with the help of a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation, the state will beef up law enforcement patrols in an attempt to rid the roadways of drunk drivers.

State authorities say that there were more than 1,000 DWI arrests made in Texas last year during spring break - most were discovered as the result of drivers disregarding basic traffic laws, including speed limit and seat belt violations. (Note: The average DUI now costs approximately $10,000 - taxi cabs are much cheaper.)

And if you are seriously considering traveling south of the border this spring break, the Department of Public Safety says that you may want to reconsider. Increasing concerns over drug-related violence, kidnappings and beheadings have made partying in nearby border towns a veritable death wish. After all, nothing ruins a good time quite like having your head chopped off and put on display in the center of town - stay safe, kids!