Earlier last week, Texas lawmakers passed a piece of legislation that is being so poignantly deemed the “Merry Christmas Bill,” which serves to protect teachers and other public servants from being ripped to shreds by secular groups if they choose to openly celebrate Christmas.

However, some critics of the bill say that it’s just another way for Christian lawmakers to rattle the public and ultimately, win votes.

“There’s a million idiotic little bills going through the Texas legislature all the time,” said “The Atheist Experience” TV show host Russell Glasser, which can make it hard to keep tabs on what the state government is really trying to achieve.

Glasser says that the supposed Merry Christmas Bill is likely just another one of the state’s War on Christmas propaganda scams.

“As far as I can tell, nobody has ever actually stopped saying ‘Merry Christmas’ because they’re afraid to get sued,” he said. “Does anybody sue anyone for saying ‘Merry Christmas?’ Because I think that’s a bunch of bulls***.”

“They’re claiming that they’re under oppression,” he continued, “and they use this as an excuse all the time to pass laws that basically codify Christianity and make sure that everybody hears about it as often as possible.”

“It’s not about freedom of expression, because kids can go around and wish each other ‘Merry Christmas’ all they want,” he insisted. “There’s a lot bigger things for people to worry about if they care about the separation of church and state.”

What do you think - do you need the state of Texas to tell you it's alright to say "Merry Christmas" or have things gotten so out of hand that a bill like this is absolutely necessary?