Death and taxes have been joined by a third guarantee in life: teenage girls being embarrassed by their parents.

Never has it been more on full display than in this hilarious video that some of you may find just a wee bit too relatable.

The YouTube description sums it up in a way anyone who's ever been a teenager can understand:

Beth had her 9th grade night dance and asked[sic] us not to chaperone. We respected her wishes but did decide to drop in and see what she was up to. Priceless reaction."

All the elements for a combustible situation are there. Teenage girl? Check. Social setting with all her friends? Check. Parents ruining the moment? Check.

We'd be willing to bet this poor girl exhibited yet another trait unique to her breed -- going home, slamming the door to her room, saying, "I hate you!" and threatening never to leave the house again.