El Paso Set To Receive A TouchCity 3-D Digital Wall
The TouchCity 3-D Wall is a multimedia installation consisting of four (4) multi-touch plasma screens with a total span of approximately 36 feet and will have the capability to store thousands of historic digital images provided by individuals and surrounding communities.
Build Anything with a 3D Printer
Remember when the computer first came out in the 1970's? Well, I don't but they tell me nobody could have envisioned what was to come. Many tech experts are saying the same thing about 3D printers.
14 First World Problems Created By iOS 7
Whether you're an iPhone fan or not, you're probably well aware iOS 7 was released yesterday. For all non-users, this basically means the phone's software was amped up a bit, which sounds like it'd be totally cool, but as soon as people could download it, Twitter exploded with co…
How to Get Endless Lives in Candy Crush
If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re probably addicted to Candy Crush. If you aren’t addicted yet, DON’T START! It will suck you in like technological methamphetamine and you’ll never escape its sugar-coated clutches. If you are addicted, you’ll…

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