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Sarah Palin Rewrites Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride [VIDEOS]
Story Time with Sarah Palin – Paul Revere’s Ride. Sarah Palin knows her American history - at least that's what she claims, but there are a lot of others that beg to differ. The former Alaska governor and possible presidential candidate is touring historical sites throughout the United States and th…
Dirt: Julia Roberts Gets All Up In Photogs Grill
JULIA ROBERTS FLIPS OUT: RadarOnline has posted some pictures of JULIA ROBERTS rolling up on a paparazzo earlier this week, after she caught him taking pictures of her family while they were out walking in Los Angeles
Dirt: An Eva Longoria Cheating Scandal?
WTW!!!??? AN EVA LONGORIA CHEATING SCANDAL???!!!: Yesterday, TMZ "reported" TONY PARKER had filed for divorce from EVA LONGORIA. Reps for both Tony and Eva say no papers were filed with Tony's rep adding that Tony doesn't even have a divorce lawyer. HOWEVER . . .