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Paula Deen Wins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
Food Network star Paula Deen found herself under fire when allegations of racism and sexual harassment came to light from a recent deposition. In turn she lost her job and was unable to save face, even with a strange series of apology videos and asking people to throw rocks at her.
Yet after all that…
Outrageously Funny SNL Skit of Paula Deen [VIDEO]
Within the past couple of weeks, Paula Deen has gone from bad to worse. Now don't get me wrong, I am an avid fan of hers, but I believe I can speak on behalf of hundreds - if not thousands - of people by saying, "Paula Deen, please get your act together."
Paula Deen Fired from the Food Network
Despite her efforts to save face -- with not one but two apology videos -- that deposition stemming from a lawsuit which revealed her casual use of the n-word (as well as other seemingly racist actions) has cost Paula Deen her job at the Food Network.