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Hollywood Dirt: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Scandal
THE SCHWARZENEGGER 'LOVE CHILD' SCANDAL: Here's the latest ... TMZ is reporting Arnold's love child baby mama was used to go to MARIA SHRIVER for "love advice," and even sought counsel from Maria while she was secretly pregnant with Arnold's child!!!
Kate Hudson, James Franco and Today’s Other Celebrity Birthdays
CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (4/19/11): KATE HUDSON - 32   Actress. Goldie Hawn's daughter. The world first took notice when she played 'Penny Lane' in Almost Famous, which also got her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Since then she's starred i…
Dirt: Is Sandra Bullock A Harlot???!!!
IS SANDRA BULLOCK RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RYAN REYNOLDS/SCARLETT JOHANSSON DIVORCE???!!!: Word on the World-Wide-Web-of-Speculation this morning is that RYAN REYNOLDS may be hooking it up with SANDRA BULLOCK!!!

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