IS SANDRA BULLOCK RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RYAN REYNOLDS/SCARLETT JOHANSSON DIVORCE???!!!: Word on the World-Wide-Web-of-Speculation this morning is that RYAN REYNOLDS may be hooking it up with SANDRA BULLOCK!!!

Ryan supposedly spent the weekend with Sandra at her home in Austin, and the two were said to have celebrated on New Year's Eve at her restaurant, Bess Bistro. (--Sandra and Ryan, you may recall, co-starred in "The Proposal" and are currently working on another movie together.)

So is America's Sweetheart responsible for the Ryan/Scarlett break up? Sources say NO, Sandra did NOT break up Ryan's marriage. They're JUST FRIENDS. As one source put it, "Sandra would never get involved with a married man after what JESSE JAMES did to her. She has way too much respect for Scarlett, Ryan, the institution of marriage and herself to do that."

Ok, maybe it is just a platonic friendship, but let me ask you: how many men would fly across the country to spend New Year's Eve with a platonic female friend

SELENA GOMEZ HAS BEIBER FEVER: One couple we no longer have to speculate their relationship status about is JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ. The two have been denying a romance, but after new photos hit the net showing them kissing and cuddling each other in their bathing suits, all signs point to something more akin to friends with benefits.

But as KIM KARDASHIAN learned when she flirted with Justin last year, there's a price to pay when you mess with Justin. And that price just might be YOUR LIFE, Selena! After the pics hit the Internet yesterday, death threats began flooding Twitter.

Here's our favorite threatening tweet: "Roses are red, violets are blue... Selena Gomez, if you break Justin Bieber's heart, I'm gonna kill you."

SHANIA WEDDING DETAILS: Yesterday we reported SHANIA TWAIN married the guy who used to be married to the woman Shania's ex-husband used to see on the side when he was still married to Shania over the New Year's weekend.

Today, thanks to, more details have emerged. Like that Shania was walked down the aisle by her nine year-old son, Eja. And that security at the Puerto Rico mansion where the wedding was held was so tight, guards packing heat were seen roaming the ceremony.

TMZ adds that if by passers wanted to get to an area past the beach front ceremony site, they had to go into the ocean to get around the pistol packing guards.

DID LINDSAY LOHAN MOVE NEXT DOOR TO HER EX MAN SAM???!!!: Despite TMZ's reports that LINDSAY LOHAN had decided to remain in rehab until the weekend to receive more treatment, E! reports Linds did indeed leave early yesterday morning.

And it SOUNDS like she's taking the sobriety thing seriously this time because her mom told E! News she's already setting up weekly sobriety classes and is even changing her living situation.

Although she may not have made the best choice in that case. According to US Weekly, moving trucks took Lindsay's stuff from her old place to a sweet new, four-bedroom 7 thousand dollar a month house in Venice, California ... that just happens to sit right next door to ex-girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON'S house.

And X17online reports Sam is NOT cool with this. Says a source, quote, "Samantha walked out of the building next door...shaking her head and looking disgusted."

THE 2011 BREAKUPS CONTINUE: As of this morning, MACAULAY CULKIN finds himself "Home Alone" again after splitting with his longtime girlfriend, MILA KUNIS.

No word on who did the dumping. Mila's rep says, quote, "The split was amicable and they remain close friends."

SNAPSHOT: JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT logged some BIKINI TIME over the weekend while vacationing in Hawaii with family and her boyfriend ...

COVER WARS;LADY GAGA vs TAYLOR SWIFT: It turns out TAYLOR SWIFT doesn't have the kind of face that can sell magazines. Last year, Taylor graced the cover of "Elle" magazine's WORST-SELLING ISSUE. In addition, her "Glamour" cover was that magazine's second-worst seller of the year, and her cover for "Marie Claire" was that magazine's third-worst.

LADY GAGA, however, is circulation gold. This "Rolling Stone" cover feature GaGa wearing a thong and a bra made of machine guns was their best-selling issue of 2010.

She also graced the cover of the best-selling issue of "Cosmo" and her "Vanity Fair" and "Elle" covers sold well above average.

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: KENDRA shows us hers ...

I guess now that she’s not on Hef’s allowance, Kendra has to try to make her millions just like the rest of us.

Speaking of Hugh Hefner ... here's what he told Entertainment Tonight when asked if he's still sexually active with his new 24-year-old fiancée, Crystal Harris. (--Hef proposed to Crystal on Christmas Eve.):

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: PAM ANDERSON appears on the cover of the January issue of Playboy for a record 13th time. Does Playboy re-touch and Photoshop the you know what out of their covers?

Here's the cover ...

And here's a photo of Pam out on New Year's Eve ...

R.I.P: 1.) Actress Anne Francis died Sunday of pancreatic cancer. She was 80. Best known as sexy 1960s TV detective "Honey West," she also made more than 30 movies, including the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.

2.) British actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE died Sunday after a long battle with cancer. He was 64 years old. Postlethwaite's acting career began in his native Britain in the 1970s, but you probably remember him best from his role in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"