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Jack Hanna — Into the Wild LIVE! Coming to El Paso
Jack Hanna Into the Wild Live! is coming to El Paso on February 21 at the Abraham Chavez Theatre thanks to Pet's Barn.
America’s most beloved animal expert, Jack Hanna brings his award winning television series to the live stage with Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild Live...
Happy Birthday, Jack Hanna!
I have been in love with Jack Hanna forever.  He's so smart, and is so good with animals.  I hate to camp and am no fan of wild animals, but he makes me want to follow him out into the wilderness!  And of coure, he's proof positive that men only get better looking as th…
NSFW!! Honey Badger Eating Cobras And More! NSFW!! (Video)
Stop! Do not proceed if you are squimish and easily grossed out by animals ravishing other animals.
However, if you're okay with all that then by all means check out the video below. It's also rather funny since the narrator is no Jack Hanna...