I never thought a 700-pound turtle could be so entertaining. Elvis and Mr. Potato Head from the El Paso Zoo have proven to be very adorable and fun to watch.

We took a field trip to the zoo to play with some animals and see what it's like to be a zoo creature. They are very well taken care of. So much, that they have games and treats which is called enrichment so the animals get proper exercise and stimulation.

This exercise dubbed pinata apples by zoologist Eliza, Elvis and Mr. Potato Head's trainer, helps them stretch and exercise in a fun way and they get a yummy treat as a reward.

It's a funny video to watch at that, and yes, they do get the apples just watch! So many creatures to see right here at the El Paso Zoo, you can also catch some of them at Jack Hanna Into The Wild Live. He will bring the jungles of Rwanda to the savannahs of Australia right here to the Abraham Chavez theatre February 21st. Get your tickets before they sell out!