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Mike’s Video Vault: 18 month old Adores Brad Pitt
BABY HAS ADORABLE CRUSH ON BRAD PITT: Unlike the husky in the recent viral video, this toddler did not attempt to run away when shown a picture of a big time celebrity. In fact, the 18 month-old proves without a doubt that Brad Pitt is so handsome and has such stunning facial features, woman of…
Are Love Triangles Healthy?
Back in the day, Elizabeth Taylor shocked the world when she stole Carrie Fischer's dad, Eddie, from Debbie Reynolds.  It shocked the world because Debbie and Eddie were Hollywood's Golden Couple.  Fast forward a few decades, and Hollywood's Golden Couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston's marriage …
Dirt: GaGa’s Condom Inspired Outfit [Video]
CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE; ASHLEE SIMPSON: The New York Times’ Page Six is reporting Pappa Joe Simpson tried to time the news of AHSLEE SIMPSON'S divorce from PETE WENTZ to coincide with LINDSAY LOHAN'S court appearance, hoping it’d get lost in the shuffle.

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