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Beyonce + Blue Ivy Frolic by the Beach [Pics]
Since photography is Beyonce's favorite way to let fans in on her life, she shared some new pictures of herself and daughter Blue Ivy frolicking at the beach. It's a long, hot summer, so Bey and Blue got their beach on. Yeah, try saying that five times in a row and fast.
Beyonce Shares New Photo of Blue Ivy … Sort Of!
Beyonce shared a new photo of herself nuzzling daughter Blue Ivy on her Tumblr site while celebrating her first Thanksgiving as a mama. It's painfully obvious from this affectionate, intimate shot of mother and daughter that baby Blue is the love of Queen Bey's life.
Stupid Stuff on the Internet – Beyonce Baby Name Generator [LINK]
As you probably know by now, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy into the world earlier this month. It’s too early to tell if naming children after colors and plants will become trendy, but if you want to be on the cutting edge like Bey and Z, have I found the link for you!