I know what you're thinking...summer is sexier because it means less clothes. But contrary to popular belief, fall is super sexy! Maybe even sexier than summer!


  • 1

    More Bedroom Time

    All the cuddling, laying in bed under the blankets. What is sexier than that?! Turn on that romantic fireplace and turn up KISS-FM for a romantic evening and BAM! It's baby making season! Hip-hip hooray for babies! Or just the act of trying to make them...

  • 2

    Facebook Statuses Say 'In A Relationship"

    Spring break is long gone and people are looking for that someone to take to the family at the holidays. Only logical...can't take that skank you met in Puerto Pinasco!

  • 3

    More Sappy Movies

    Something about fall makes our pheromones emerge and make us all giddy. Studies show that the colder the temperature, the more likely people are to watch chick flicks. Even men get in on the action of non-action movies.

  • 4

    Turkey's Are Sexy

    Research shows that your sex drive is primed and driven around food. It satisfies you in ways that almost sex satisfies your body. All those feel good endorphins flip into action! Eat that turkey leg you naughty boy!

  • 5

    Fall Women Fashion Is HOT

    I well winter dressed woman will drive the guys insane! They love the sophistication of the look of winter clothes. Scientists also think it's because men's testosterone levels are higher in winter months and they're amped up! Plus summer gets old and seeing all that skin...it's nice to be discrete once in a while.

  • 6

    Sexual Drive is at a All Time High

    Your libido takes a huge rise in action. According to science, your testosterone levels are higher in the fall than any other time of year for both men AND women.  And that means a higher sex drive.