There is nothing more embarrassing than having your credit card declined. We've all been there - you hand your credit card over to a waiter, and then wish there was a hole to crawl into when he comes back to your table and looks at you like you're a hobo when he tells you your credit card was declined.

Only one thing is more embarrassing - when you are the most powerful man in the world, and your credit card gets declined!

President Obama was out for dinner last month in New York City when he handed over his card, and then had to tell the waitress that he really did pay his bill when his card was rejected. The President of the United States doesn't usually carry credit cards or money, so he explained that because he doesn't use his plastic very often, the credit card company probably thought there was some fraud going on.

Good thing his wife was with him, because the First Lady whipped out her card and paid for dinner. How would you like to be the waitress who had to tell the President that he better either cough up some cash, or roll up his sleeves and start washing dishes?