Authorities in Houston, Texas report that at least one student is dead and three others have been injured after a stabbing occurred earlier this morning inside a high school cafeteria.

According to reports, the Spring High School was put on lockdown around 7 a.m., and three victims were rushed to an area hospital by a Life Flight medical helicopter. Witnesses say that the incident involved five guys between the ages of 16 and 19 that may have been involved in gang activity.

Photo tweets from reveals images of students tracking through spilled blood in one of the school’s hallways. Another photo that was reportedly shared by a student shows a student’s desk, a trash can and other items barring a classroom door.

While it is not yet clear if any arrests have been made, news crews are reporting that authorities were seen handcuffing a Hispanic adult and a teen and escorting them back inside the school.

There is no further information available, at this time, regarding the names of the victims. All that is known is that they were all students.