The New York Times sent a reporter and photographer to El Paso last year to work on a travel piece, and photographer Mark Holm took some great photos of a couple of our landmarks and restaurants. Here's how Iza Wojciechowska's article "36 Hours in El Paso, Tex." starts:

SITUATED at the intersection of Texas, Mexico and New Mexico, El Paso is a city with a distinct flavor. It juxtaposes authentic Mexican culture with a growing hipster scene, and though it’s one of the largest cities in Texas, it still often ends up as a mere pit stop on I-10. Once the storied heart of the Old West (and playground of Billy the Kid), El Paso has recently gained much of the big-city feel of its neighbor across the border, Ciudad Juárez. It has come into its own with new theaters, restaurants and nightclubs, many of them transplants from its sister city, the epicenter of the Mexican drug war.

You can read about the places Wojciechowska visited during her short time in El Paso and what she thought about them HERE, and view the slideshow HERE.