Everyone always wants extras when they buy a car, but that usually means a sun roof or heated seats, not a door full of marijuana.

Kayleigh Anderson has been driving her seven kids around Alamogordo in her van for 13 years, and last week when her friend was working on it to replace a door handle, they discovered 13.5 pounds of pot in the passenger side door. The weed was wrapped up in two pound bricks, and police think that it's at least 15 years old.

Yes, Kayleigh called the cops, who were surprised that the family never smelled anything in all those years. The police think that the van was probably used to move drugs before Kayleigh's family bought it from a used car lot because there are holes in the back doors.

Police say there is probably more pot hidden in the van. Kayleigh is taking it to a border patrol checkpoint today for further inspection. Proof positive you should not sample your stash.