One month after being crowned Miss Las Cruces, 22-year-old Sarah Richardson has voluntarily resigned her title after her recent arrest for aggravated DWI. Sunday night, Richardson crashed her PT Cruiser into a light pole, which caused a chain reaction that took down several other poles and knocked out power to 1,700 people and businesses in the area for several hours. She was arrested for aggravated DWI, which means she blew twice the legal limit.

Three days after her way too happy toothy mug shot went viral, Richardson released the following prepared statement: "My actions are not congruous with the actions of a Miss America candidate, and I realize that at this time I must step back and reflect, prioritize my life and accept the consequences. I am very sincerely sorry for those that I have let down in this incident."

The first runner up, Taylor Rey, has been named the new Miss Las Cruces and will compete at the Miss New Mexico pageant in June. Hopefully, she won't let the pressure of being voted the second most beautiful woman in the 408th largest city in America get to her too.