Is the iconic San Jacinto Christmas tree dying? A petition on says the City of El Paso plans to cut down the tree because it has been damaged and can't be saved.

Connie Boyce donated the tree to the City in honor of her late husband Charles in 1998, and it has been the centerpiece of the City's Christmas display ever since. But the group that put up the petition says, "in defiance of city ordinances, the Mayor, City Council and City Manager plan to destroy it." The petition alleges that large palms around the tree have already been removed and given to the contractor without involving the City Arborist.

El Paso City Public Affairs Coordinator, Martin Bartlett, said in a statement to the media:

El Pasoans and their elected leaders have consistently told us they want exceptional recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities. To that end, the City of El Paso is considering all options to ensure that the premier public space in Downtown El Paso elevates this community and aligns with the community’s expectations of high-quality return on their investment in public infrastructure.

That doesn't answer the question about the conditon of the San Jacinto Christmas tree, but if it needed to be removed, the City would have to get a bid from contractors to do that, but there is no request for such a bid on the city's website.