Tim is let not only inspiring but you can't help but smile watching this video.


This restaurant is pretty close by too, only a few hours away in Albuquerque, NM. This restaurant really makes me want to drive all the way up there, just to get a hug from Tim.

Tim graduated from high school in 2004 where he was voted Homecoming King and Student of the Year. Tim attended Eastern New Mexico University where he graduated with certificates in Food Service and Office skills in 2008. After college, he worked at a restaurant and competed in the Special Olympics where he won several awards. He also spent time living aboard a sailbat traveling through the Bahamas with his family. Later in June 2010, his family opened Tim's Place, a restaurant for Tim to own and run.

Tim's excellent service and wonderful people skills have allowed the business to flourish and really make a connection in his community. This young man is so inspiring and has such an amazing spirit you can't help but get a little teary eyed. Watch the video below and you can see for yourself why Tim is such a great person! If you want to check out more about the restaurant click here.