According to a new survey, more than half of men nowadays are with a woman more attractive then they are! But you ask..."What are these guys doing to score women 'out of their league'?"Look around at the guys you know in a their lady more attractive than he is? Be honest, because it is probably true! Isn't just something you see on TV anymore my friend, it's real life. And when these men were asked about it, one in three said they enjoy being with a more attractive woman because it makes other men jealous and wonder what they have that they don't. And in reality, those guys DO have something the other maybe more attractive guys DON'T have. Here is what women look for in these guys and how you can land a woman "out of your league".

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Some top qualities that these guys posses are humor, a great listener, proper manners, keen to a women's appeal for a man's sensitive side, and a pearly white adorable smile. Smelling good and intelligence also made the list but weren't as highly ranked as the others. And of course having money and good bedroom skills were in the running but it seems that isn't a deal sealer for most women.

So there you have it guys, want a beautiful woman? Practice these skills and qualities and good luck! Now look at your of 'em has to have a girl out of his league.

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