Last week, we told you about a new safety program in the Socorro Independent School District. In an effort to keep students safe when then exit buses, SISD teamed up with a company to get cameras installed in all their buses that take photos of cars that pass their buses when the stop arm is down. If you are caught doing that, you will get a ticket for $300.

We got with Daniel Escobar, Chief Communications Officer of SISD and asked a few questions we wanted clarified about the new program:

1. If people don't pay their tickets, what are the consequences? Will they be prevented from registering their vehicles or renewing their drivers license?

No. However, an unpaid fine will be reported as a delinquent credit expense.

2. What is the breakdown of revenue between the City of Socorro and SISD? Will that be a similar breakdown between the City of El Paso and Horizon City?

The cameras were installed on all SISD buses at no cost to the district. The company that we are partnering with, Busguard absorbed the cost. When fines are issued, the company will recoup its costs by collecting 75 percent of the fee. The City of Socorro each will receive 12.5 percent. After the equipment is paid off, the district will receive 40 percent and the city 20 percent of fines, with the company collecting the remaining balance.

The safety and security of our students is our number one priority and the driving factor behind this program. We are not looking to make money, simply to improve safety within our school communities.

3. Why is SISD working with those city's to implement the ticketing program?

We are looking to work with the City’s in which our schools and bus routes are located. An agreement was reached with the City of Socorro in the Fall allowing for the program to be implemented there starting today. We are still working with the cities of El Paso and Horizon on an agreement to commence the program in the two jurisdictions.