I was looking through letters and emails yesterday that Ryan and I wrote back and forth while he did his 3 tours in Iraq.  They were filled with everyday stuff, how we went to brunch before church on Sunday, celebrated someone's birthday, and so on, and so on.  I asked Ryan one time if it was hard to hear what was going on at home, but he said no, that's what he wanted to hear, because that is what he was fighting for.  Ryan is out of the Army now, but there are troops who still need to know that we are back home, thinking of them, and thanking them for fighting for our way of life.  Please, please, please, help us show thank them!

One of our co-workers here at KISS FM is a Veteran, and on this day that commemorates their service, I would like to ask, no beg, for a letter, a greeting card, a piece of paper that your child drew a picture on, for our soldiers.  They are in Afghanistan, and many of them will not be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  They won't get to sit down with their families for turkey and stuffing. They won't get to watch their kids in a Christmas play at school.  They won't be able to drink a cold beer and watch the Cowboys win (hopefully!) Thanksgiving Day.

Am I tugging on your heartstrings?  Am I guilting you into putting a few words of thanks in a letter and mailing that letter to our station so we can forward them to a serviceman or woman in Afghanistan?

Good!  Please, please, please, take 5 minutes to do that!  Just a simple, "Hi, I just wanted you to know that my family sleeps safely at night here in El Paso because you and your buddies are fighting for us in a country 7,800 miles away.  The weather is wonderful here, we're getting ready for the holidays, and we wish you well, and are praying for your safe return".

That's it!  Anything like that!  Tell a joke, send an article from the paper or your favorite magazine, talk smack about a football team - anything at all!  Just, please, please write a letter today.  Please.  Thank you.

And just because I want you to understand how powerful a letter from home can be, watch this video.  It will reduce you to tears, but it will show you a little of what our servicemen and women go through.