While organizations like the Red Cross have mobilized massive relief efforts for the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma, students at Whitaker Elementary are focusing on the tornado's youngest victims; the children. Classmates at the Northeast El Paso elementary school have started a teddy bear drive to collect the iconic children's' toy, often given to signify love or sympathy, for the children who’ve lost most, if not all, of their toys.

We spoke with Arazelia Perez, a member of the school’s PTA, on Mike and Tricia Mornings and she told us the drive was inspired by nine year-old Ariadne, a third grader at Whitaker, who was so moved by news reports of the tragedy that she and her five year old sister packed up all their toys and asked their mom if they could send them to kids in Oklahoma.

Although it is being called a teddy bear drive, any and all stuffed animals are being accepted. They would prefer new, but gently used works too. “We just want to make sure that these little kids have something to comfort them,” said Arazelia.

But because school ends next Friday, June 7, there is a sense of urgency to collect as many as they can between now and then. If you'd like to donate a teddy bear or stuffed animal, drop off boxes have been set up at Whitaker Elementary School, 4700 Rutherford, or you can bring them by the radio station at 4180 N. Mesa and we’ll see to it that they get to Whitaker before the deadline.

Listen to our conversation with Arazelia Perez below, and feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions or would like to help. Email her at Sallyzerep@gmail.com

Mike and Tricia -Teddy Bear Drive Part 1 (2:36)

Mike and Tricia - Teddy Bear Drive Part 2 (1:38)